2018 Dodge Magnum Wagoon Design, Engine & Price

2018 Dodge Magnum is maybe a new car that has been waiting for the customers. Now, this version is having many improvements. We can see some changes are applied on the exterior and few other certain changes. This changes will make the look of this car is much more interesting than before. Just like the external, the medial part side of this new vehicles is also restored and the motor is now becoming more highly effective. Below is the further modify on this 2018 Dodge Magnum.

2018 Dodge Magnum Wagon Design

In the other words, we can say it this car will not get too many changes on the exterior aspect. The great things are that the car will be appropriate for any situations and many customers are really happy with the look of this car now. Some modernistic and stylistic renovating is included on this 2018 Dodge Magnum. This design is really appropriate with the existing industry right now.

The comfort level is now upgraded. There will be some new quality materials that will be used in the cabin. We can also see that the modern technologies and entertainment features are also equipped on this car. Unfortunately, we cannot know all the detail information about those technologies and features because Dodge is still not giving any statement about the interior technologies.

2018 Dodge Magnum Wagon Engine Performance

The rumor said that the 2018 Dodge Magnum Wagon will use the same engine just like its predecessor. This is a V6 engine with 2.7-liter capacity and this engine is possible to make for about 178 horsepower. Actually, this is maybe not the one and only engine that will be used on this car. We think that this motor is maybe will be used for the bottom edition. So, you can get the higher and more impressive engine for the better version or the absolutely loaded one. The reduces can be RT or SRT. Meanwhile, further information about the power exercise is still cannot be known.

2018 Dodge Magnum Wagon Price

2018 Dodge Magnum is a dream car for most of the Dodge Fans. Actually, the Company is not giving any information about the release date yet. However, many experts believe that middle of 2018 or middle next year is the perfect time where Dodge will launch this 2017 Dodge Magnum. The starting cost for the magnum base edition is for about $22,000. However, there is no exact information about the cost of the biggest cuts. So, patiently waiting until this new magnum is formally launched is a very important thing that we can do.

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