2019 BMW X4 View Design, Features, And Price

2019 BMW X4 One of the car market segments which is currently expanding is the SUV-coupe segment. As such, the news of new crossover-coupes is just popping out. One of those companies that created the trend is BMW. So, it will come as no surprise that we are already writing an update on their 2019 BMW X4 SUV-coupe. This segment is actually so harsh that just after three years Munich giant is launching a new generation of X4. The prototype spotted this time around seems to be sport version the M40i. Another option is that it could be a vehicle from a lower lineup with an M package. The large exhaust pipes at the back suggest that it’s probably an M version. If you look at the rear end of 2019 X4, you could be mistaken that the taillights belong to GLC Mercedes.

2019 BMW X4 Design

Even though there is still small information about the interior of the 2019 BMW X4, it is safe to assume it will share most of its cabin with the upcoming 3 Series. Assume a much more minimalist-looking dashboard with a center-mounted screen and fewer buttons than before. The car is possibly going to receive a fully digital instrument cluster, slightly better materials on the dashboard and possibly new rear seats. The latter is rumored for a while and the change of its rear windows could mean just that. Some also suggested BMW ditched the 5-seats layout altogether in order to go for 4 individual seats which would certainly make it quite a bit more premium-feeling than before.

2019 BMW X4 Features

As for the power under the hood, there will be a difference between regular and X4 M. The latter one will be the range-topping with an output of 500 horsepower. This power will appear from a six-cylinder biturbo engine. Despite this sounding amazing, the M version will arrive in 2019 a full year after the regular installment. Now, talking about standard one, it will drain strength from a single-turbo engine which will come with 355 horsepower. The same output figures are available on the ongoing model. The Bavarian organization believes that this is enough to competing GLC 43 and SQ5. According to bmwblog.com who always has best ideas into the problem in BMW, it is possible that M40i comes with 360hp in BMW X3. This would be an buy for the existing edition.

2019 BMW X4 Engine & Performance

The base version of the 2019 BMW X4 will probably carry about the old 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 gas engine. This made between 181 and 242 horsepower and it might receive a small bump to get it nearer to 250 horsepower. The 3.0 liter turbocharged inline 6 gas engine is also very likely going to stay. The engine will most likely make anything between 310 and 370 horsepower for the top end M40i version. A set of diesel fuel google providing between 190 and more than 310 horse power should also be available. With this creation, it seems BMW will to produce new cut stage with the M40d. A high-performance X4 M is also a actual possibility.

2019 BMW X4 Price & Release Date

The price of this vehicle is not still published. This is normal because the development of new X4 has just begun. Considering the transfer to the new platform, improved interior and addition of new features the price will go up. There is no doubt about it. The current edition of BMW X4 is priced at $46,545 for its base model. The top tier xDriveM40i goes for the price of $59,095.

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