2019 Mazda RX8 View Design, Specs, Engine, Price Estimate

The 2019 Mazda RX8 represents a combination of the modernly designed sporty cars, which were needed to this brand, keep with many trying of formal style and form, and the old turning motor, specially made for this car and surely one of the most interesting engines on the market nowadays. It is a unique Wankel-powered turning motor that customers approved before, so the maker could only keep the same with this model. We are sure that those lovers were satisfied to see that this remodeled vehicle will have that engine again when manufacturer showed in on Tokyo Auto Show 2017. In terms of design, there are many borrowed details from MK-5 Miata.

2019 Mazda RX8 Design

Now should not be many surprises about the design of 2019 Mazda RX8 since we mentioned MK-Miata models. That includes the identifiable form of the car, together with information on the back and front side end and Skyaktiv components that Miata already used. Not only that new RX8 is lower than Miata, it is also longer for 103.6-inches than it. Besides that, there is classical sporty longer front end with modernly developed grill and slim lighting below the bonnet, while the back end is curved and short with small back lighting and few shapes and features.

2019 Mazda RX8 Engine

The highest interest new 2019 Mazda RX8 will attract because of the special rotary engine, which is unique on the market nowadays. Rotary engines are specially designed to make an advanced level of energy with smaller energy intake, but past designs were not that successful as developers supposed to be. They usually had low thermal efficiency, and that causes high energy consumptions for cooling. Even though racers and sporty cars’ fans usually do not worry about fuel economy, it is very important in past few years, 2019 Mazda RX8 has remodeled and modified new turning motor that ever 50 engineers made past couple of the years, and designed 16X two-rotor 1.3-liter petrol engine with 400 horsepower of durability. Declaring that it will have reduced energy intake than many traditional petrol engines on the market, they dared all future car makers.

2019 Mazda RX8 Release Date & Price

With all of these we saw, it is expected that 2019 Mazda RX8 will be one of the most attractive and interesting cars on the market in years to come. With the price of only $50,000, it can contend with the most fantastic vehicles on the marketplace like Alfa Romeo C4, Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes Cayman or Chevy Corvette.

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