2019 Tesla Roadster Design, Engine And Price

2019 Tesla Roadster is Tesla is brining the next-generation electric vehicle to the market next year. The new 2019 Tesla Roadster will belong to the second generation of these sporty electric cars and it will appear as a convertible version. This model will promise you a unique design and excellent performances, aiming to be the fastest car in the market when we talk about this brand.

2019 Tesla Roadster Exterior

As we have already mentioned, the 2019 Tesla Roadster will be a convertible, with two doors and two seats. It will offer a folding roof system. Tending to be the fastest car from Tesla’s company, the new Roadster acquired more aerodynamic and sportier look. Smooth and shapely, this design also seems to be competitive and highly effective as well. When you look at it, everything shouts rate, that’s for sure. As we have been advised, the new Roadster will be centered on the same system seen on the Nikola tesla Model 3 and it will discuss a lot of functions and energy practice functions with that design. The Roadster, however, will be reduced and have a reduced roofline.

2019 Tesla Roadster Interior

2019 Tesla Roadster cabin is definitely Luxurious the first thing that you can expect inside the 2019 Tesla Roadster. You will find only premium leather seats and highest-quality materials, such as wood, that cover the other parts of the interior. In the new Roadster, you will get a huge touchscreen technology in the main system. It will provide the newest enjoyment and infotainment system, so it will be built with a routing, stereo, smartphone, Wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity, the high definition camera system and many more. Perhaps, the most interesting feature, also found on other Tesla next-generation models, is an ‘auto-pilot’ option.

2019 Tesla Roadster Engine

We have already informed you that Tesla is tending to make its fastest all-electric car in the market. So, the new 2019 Roadster has to come with a powerful electric motor that will be combined with a lithium-ion battery pack, probably around 100 kWh. Their objective is to obtain plenty of duration of less than 2.5 a few moments to hit 0-60 mph. The quickest car of this product has currently been the Design S P100D which needs 2.8 a few moments. It sounds promising that the new Roadster will be even better and faster.

2019 Tesla Roadster Price And Release Date

The 2019 Tesla Roadster, which is currently just a idea, should hit the marketplace next season, probably in March. If we remember that the Model S starts at $ 125,000 , youcan expect that the new Roadster will go up to $150,000.

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